General Camp Information

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Brochure and Registration Form



New This Year

All functions take place at:

First United Methodist Church
200 West High Street
Lexington, KY 40507

What to Bring

All Students should bring:
Other items:
not required, but you may want to bring
Cellists & Bassists:


Students must bring their music to camp every day, as outlined above. Every student will receive a copy of the orchestra music to be performed and a copy of the part for their chamber music assignment. Students are expected to keep good care of the music. All marks should be made with a No.2 pencil only---NOT INK!


At the end of the camp,


This includes ALL orchestra music and ALL chamber music.

Exceptions to this rule may be handouts received in master classes and technique classes in which the instructor tells the student that he/she may keep the provided handout.


We will provide a light snack (in the morning only) for all students in the Debut Orchestra. Debut Orchestra students participating in the Debut Chamber Music Program in the afternoon should plan to provide any additional snack or light lunch.

All students participating fully in the Festival Chamber Music Program will also receive a break with snacks in the afternoon.


Students are expected to demonstrate good behavior during the camp. We are guests in the church facilities used for the camp, and students will be expected to respect the property and employees at the church. No running in the halls or outdoors is allowed, and students should not roam in areas outside of those used for camp activity. Students are also expected to treat Festival of Strings faculty and students and their instruments or property with respect. We reserve the right to dismiss any student who is causing problems due to misbehavior. Tuition will not be refunded in such instances.


Please notify us of any medical condition your child may have which you feel we should be aware of.

Concert Attire

All students should wear light (preferably white) tops with dark pants or skirts (black or navy) for the final concert on Friday.

Need more information?

E-mail your questions to:

Please do not contact the church with questions regarding Festival of Strings.

Thank you for your cooperation.